Table of Contents

  • Basic 5-Minute Wizard
  • Smörkniv
  • Butter Knife Patterns
  • Celtic Green Man Spoon
  • Happy Tree
  • Skulk of Foxes

Basic 5-Minute Wizard Tutorial

Popularized by Tom Hines And Doug Linker
Program Led By:
Ed Kerns & John Laffan
Acknowledgements to:
Dale Hall
Montgomery County

YouTube link to Doug Linker’s video:

The Smörkniv – What it is and How to Make One

by Dale Hall – 2020

A Smörkniv is a Swedish cultural icon of the traditional butter knife. It is a great first project to learn about wood grain pattern, and basic carving knife skills.

Butter Knife Patterns

Sourced from the Internet by Bert Bleckwenn, 07/11/22

Harley Refsal’s Smörkniv style and other butter knife spreader patterns with quarter-inch sizing guides for scaling sizes.

Celtic Green Man Spoon

A pierced carving using a scroll saw and carved. The design is a combination of green man and Celtic knot carving pattern.

John Laffan, 07/12/22

Happy Tree

Painting patterns, based on original article by Larry Green in Woodcarving Illustrated (Winter 2017, Issue 81) and two YouTube instructional videos by Larry Green and Doug Linker.

Bert Bleckwenn, 07/11/22

Carving the Happy Tree with Larry Green
Carving the Happy Tree with Doug Linker

Skulk of Foxes

a series of carved stylized foxes in a variety of different American wood species. Individual photos of different wood species included so they can be used to select different color and grain patterns of American Wood species.

Bert A Bleckwenn, 07/11/22