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MCC – Website Collection

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Catalogs – Carving

Pinewood Forge Wood Carving Tools

Art From The Bark

Woodcarvers Warehouse

Woodcarving Workshops


MDI Woodcarvers Supply

The Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop

Tools for Working Wood

Wood Carvers Supply

Santa Fe Jewelers Supply – ROUGES (Polishing Compounds) (Yellowstone compound)

Dan’s Whetstone Company Products Page

Catalogs – Sharpening

PJ Tool – Polishing & Sharpening

Trend Machinery & Cutting Tools Ltd

Hock Tools

JRE Industries (Strop Bat)

Classic Shaves (Strops + Hones – Accessories)

The Perfect Edge

USA Knifemaker (Buffing Supplies)

Norton Slip Stones at The Best Things

Dan’s Bench Stones

The D&S Scary Sharp(TM) System

United States Products Co. – Abrasive Compounds

Online Carving Schools

Mary May’s School of Traditional Woodcarving

Chris Pye’s Woodcarving


Regional/National Wood Sources

Groff & Groff Lumber

Exotic Lumber (Frederick)

Colonial Hardwoods

Western Cottonwood Bark

Regional Carving Clubs

James River Woodcarvers

Carroll County Carvers

Northern Virginia Carvers

Carving Clubs & Organizations

National Wood Carvers Association

Caricature Carvers of America

Carving Magazines

Chip Chats (National Wood Carvers Association)

Woodcarving Illustrated

Woodcarving Magazine (UK)

Wildfowl Carving Magazine